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February, 2017
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Ewha Womans University Establishes IBS Center for Quantum Nanoscience






Ewha Womans University entered into an agreement with the Institute for Basic Science (IBS) in January 2017 to launch the Center for Quantum Nanoscience (QNS). Andreas Heinrich, distinguished professor in the Department of Physics at Ewha Womans University and newly appointed director of QNS, is a world-class researcher in quantum nanoscience.

Heinrich, a world leader in controlling quantum states of atoms on surfaces, has conducted innovative research for nearly two decades at IBM Almaden Research Center in the United States. In 2016, he joined Ewha Womans University where he is furthering his research on quantum properties at the atomic scale.

Heinrich, who joined IBS as the director of QNS, is leading the future of quantum computing and data storage. He is doing this by laying the foundation for future computing technology by controlling single atoms and understanding their quantum effects. He said "By studying the atom, which is the smallest unit we can ever use for engineering, I hope that basic science leads to discoveries that can become a driving force for economic growth."

Recently, the pace of miniaturization in memory devices called Moore's Law (the prediction that the amount of data that can be stored in a microchip increases twice every 18 months) has reached its limit. This is because quantum mechanical effects become problematic as the elements of the storage medium become smaller on the atomic scale. QNS seeks to overcome this problem by identifying and controlling the quantum mechanical properties of individual atoms. This is world-class, basic science research with high-tech implications that has never been attempted in Korea before. 




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