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January, 2024
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Phase Engineering of 2D Materials


by Prof. Suyeon Cho
Chemical Engineering and Materials Science
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A research team led by Professor Suyeon Cho (Division of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science in Ewha Womans University) published a groundbreaking review paper on low-dimensional material design to realize ultra-fast, highly integrated semiconductor devices required in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Titled 'Phase-Engineering of 2D Materials', the paper was selected as the cover paper of 'Chemical Reviews (IF: 72.087)', a top international journal in the field of basic science. The research results focus on controlling various structures and operations of low-dimensional materials in a very small range with the goal of developing next-generation semiconductor devices that are highly integrated and exhibit high response speed. The phase engineering of low-dimensional materials covers a wide range of transitions, including conventional structural and metal-insulator shifts, magnetic states, strongly correlated band structures, and topological phases in 2D materials. To achieve local phase engineering, many researchers have used various optical, geometrical, and chemical processes, as well as traditional thermodynamic approaches. We highlighted the importance of ideal and versatile phase interfaces for electronic and energy device applications. Polymorphic 2D materials and diverse quantum materials were discussed, focusing on the role and use of their phase interfaces. We noted that various phase interfaces have demonstrated superior and unique performance in electronic and energy devices. Phase patterning has led to novel homo- and heterojunction structures of 2D materials with low-dimensional phase boundaries, highlighting their potential for technological breakthroughs in future electronic, quantum, and energy devices.

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Dohyun Kim, Juhi Pandey, Juyeong Jeong, Juyeong Jeong, Woohyun Cho, Seungyeon Lee, Suyeon Cho, Heejun Yang, Phase Engineering of 2D Materials, Chemical Reviews, 123, 19, 11230–11268, August 2023

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